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Need Web Hosting?

If you're a business or individual in need of a webpage, domain or hosting, buy a specially priced package from our partner BlueHost (an industry leader) and they'll donate a major portion to support Grassroots.org!  

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If you're a nonprofit,do not click on the banner above. Instead become a grassroots member and learn how to get web hosting for free.

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    MZIMZAK GR 1My name is Mark Szymczak and I support Grassroots.org primarily as a financial donor. I'm one of those people who made/makes a couple bucks in the corporate world, but has come to believe that my money is better served helping others rather than satisfying my personal ego (although I can't seem to shake a thirst for a local brewski each day).

    Many people find their local church as an outlet for their giving side, and I applaud any giving whether it be for the environment, social justice or animal rights. Some of us look for other ways to "give back". There are so many charities and nonprofits with such wonderful causes battling against incredible odds, and I can't possibly give to nearly as many or as much money to each as I would like. So, my money goes a lot further when I donate to an organization like Grassroots.org! This way, I'm ultimately helping nonprofits secure free tools they can use to make their businesses more effective.

    While giving money is one step toward helping make the world be a better place, I suggest we donors not stop there.The real trick is to compartmentalize one's corporate life and find ways to dive deeper into the service sector by volunteering orusing one's skills to help an organization make progress against their Goliath. Cheers to all those donating or serving in this wonderful sector of our society. You have made great strides toward letting go of ego--and old habits don't die easily!

    -Mark Szymczak

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