Free Social Venture Consulting for Nonprofits

The Social Venture Consulting Program pairs talented MBA students with Nonprofits (Silver and Gold Guidestar Participants only) in semester-long project-based consulting partnerships. The program is designed to help entrepreneurial nonprofit startup organizations to increase their organizational capacity by providing them with direct access to free business consulting. Since 2006, the program – led by the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business – has served more than 75 organizations and involved nearly 300 students.

    - Pairings last one school semester (three months)

    - Applications are accepted in November (for spring program), and July (for fall programs)

    - 8-10 nonprofits are selected each round

    - Each nonprofit is paired with two or three students

    - Pairings include biweekly meetings (phone or in-person, depending on nonprofit location) and 60-80 hours of consulting work (per project)

    - Program is open to all registered US or Canadian nonprofits

Selection Criteria

With support from Make Change! Trust and led by the University of Maryland, the Social Venture Consulting Program will be expanding to three new Universities across the United States, beginning in spring 2011. MBA students from the top-ranked universities are selected for participation based on a variety of factors including professional experience and dedication to community service. Nonprofit participants are members selected for the project's capacity-building potential and the organization's demonstrated need for external support.

Examples of past Social Venture Consulting Projects include:

    Development of a strategic plan for an after school program

    Creation a strategic marketing plan & refinement of financial statements for a clothing resale shop

    Design of a financial management/donor tracking program for a human rights agency

Examples of Past Participants

Advantages for Students

    - Practical consulting experience for the students.

    - The opportunity to give back to the Nonprofit community.

Advantages for Nonprofits:

    - Experienced business perspective

    - A structured environment to complete a particular project

    - 60-80 hours of in-kind consulting (valued at $150/hr)

Thanks to our Partners:

Membership Terms

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This service is free for all Nonprofit members (Silver and Gold Guidestar Participants only).

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