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Help Charities By Becoming A Business Sponsor!

Your business can make a significant difference in the lives of individuals in need, by supporting charities serving in your community and around the country.

Partnering with

We leverage the combined energy and efforts of companies, individuals and organizations to help nonprofits nationwide. Partnering with offers companies the opportunity align their business mission with charitable causes.

Business sponsors receive a tax benefit and PR recognition, which include online logo placements and recognition at special events.

Types of Business Sponsorship

Monetary: Business donations are fast-tracked to the projects and programs areas of most need.


Specific projects: Sponsoring a specific nonprofit project can bring a unique sense of ownership to a business and their employees through cash or in-kind donation

In-kind donation: of service, resources and technology: We welcome in-kind contributions in the form of services, technology tools, equipment and human resources.

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