As staff members at Grassroots.org, Ben and I wanted to get more quality work done every workday. It was difficult for us to measure each day’s success, understand who was working on what project, and identify whether or not we were actually being productive.   Our problems boiled down to: team tracking, collaborating and progressing on what we did the day before. 

Ben and I wanted to be better leaders and more productive workers. When one of us does something good or helpful, we want to recognize it, learn from it and appreciate the achievement’s value. In short, what we do today is very important. 

Luckily, we found an app for that, and it’s called iDoneThis.
Like Grassroots.org, you have individuals working on multiple projects and fulfilling many different functions.  For small to mid sized nonprofits, staying focused and optimizing the day’s workflow weigh heavily on a small number of staff and volunteers. 

We are sharing iDoneThis with our members so they can become more sustainable and efficient at task management. With the help of iDoneThis, our members will be able to solve the following problems: 

–By showing how people spends their time, iDoneThis makes productivity as transparent as possible. It asks, “What did you get done today?” You record what you got done. The next day, those accomplishments are distributed among your team and documented on the web. Appreciating what your colleagues have done is now easier.

–On a project, do you ever wonder how it develops from point A to point B ? When you reply to its daily email with your achievements, iDoneThis records every response in your calendar, from which you can display by consecutive days, week or month.  With objectives that loom distantly in the future, our daily achievements — although small — are necessary steps towards monthly or annual goals. Sometimes it’s difficult to ascertain the day’s productive worth. iDoneThis tracks the day’s worth and, therefore, reduces its haziness.

Teamwork makes the dream work (sorry for the heavy slice of cheese). Following up on what your colleagues have done the day before is important. At a time of your choice, iDoneThis will email your colleagues every morning a digest of what everyone did the day before. This daily digest brings you and your colleagues together and puts you on the same page. Working hard while remaining isolated from each other can actually damage a team’s collaboration. iDoneThis’s daily digest presents everyone with the bigger picture and opens up opportunities to collaborate and communicate better.

Accountability to yourself: you become your own boss and can kiss micro-management good-bye. 

For our success, Ben and I needed laser-focused, goal-oriented collaboration, while not having the resources of a large organization created a barrier to staying on task. iDoneThis provides a quick and easy solution to simply getting more things done — spending quality time and working smarter. 

So I have to ask, what did YOU get DONE TODAY? Please reply below: