An Educational Resource for Charities — A Productivity Tool For Your Inbox

By |January 15th, 2013|

Hey there members — have you ever forgotten about a deadline, failed to check in with someone or lost a ‘to do’ list? A tech startup from Boston has created,, to solve this productivity problem. Through any email client, will automate a reminder over which you have complete control. In other words, the email you use to confirm that appointment or set up that meeting will be the very same email that appears in your inbox at your preferred time, reminding you of what to do, who to think of etc…simply enter in the time (ex. in the cc field of the email. The recipient of the email and you will receive the email in your respective inboxes. If you do not want the recipient to have the reminder, then enter the reminder’s time in the bcc field.

Meet Marina Klimi

By |November 14th, 2012|

My name is Marina Klimi. I am 35 years old and I live in Patras, Greece. I received my BA in Business Studies Marketing from the University of Hertfordshire and a Diploma in Advanced Web Design and Construction from Dublin College of Management & IT. I am the owner of a web design company named Pandora Web Box. I have ten years experience in web design with the following skills: Html, Xhtml, CSS, DHTML, Corel Draw, AJAX, Joomla, WordPress, PHP and MySql.

Another Successful Capacity Building Initiative

By |November 2nd, 2012|, in tradition with bringing free services for charities, introduced its second Capacity Building Initiative. Once again helmed by our fantastic lead volunteer, Parag Khandelwal, professionals at the Boston based event motored through seven projects. Each time we have run the CBI event more projects have been able to be accomplished and we are sure the future will be no different. More nonprofits shall be helped to clear away projects that present small challenges so that they may strengthen their organizations. at the 2012 Net Impact Conference

By |October 31st, 2012|

Last week, attended this year’s Net Impact Conference at the Baltimore Convention Center located in Downtown Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.  The event included over 100 exhibitors, over 300 speakers and 25,000 attendees. was promoting one of our free services for nonprofits, our Project Consulting service.  The program is run through in junction with our partner at the University of Maryland, the Center for Social Value Creation.  We enjoyed speaking with all the students, businesses and universities about the program and seeing how excited people became about and our mission. We are hoping to leverage some of connections we made to help grow our program and provide the service more effectively and to a larger number or our members!  

5 blogging tips for non-profit organizations

By |October 31st, 2012|

The internet puts individuals and organizations within easy reach of a host of convenient publishing tools. And while there is certainly no shortage of options, the blog is one of the most effective tools you can ever brandish. Check out these five tips non-profit organizations can use to accelerate their blogging efforts. 1. Pick the Right Platform In the beginning, one of the biggest challenges a non-profit gearing up for an adventure in blogging will face is deciding on a platform. This is mainly because there is such a wide variety of platforms to choose from. Not only do you have your WordPress’, Tumblrs, and whatnot, you also have both hosted and self-hosted versions of these applications, which further complicates matters. Do the research, and make sure you choose the right blog software before doing anything else. 2. Know Your Audience With your blogging platform up and running, it’s time to get started on your first post, right? Perhaps, but first you need to make sure you fully understand the needs of your audience. Who are you writing for? What do they want to see in a blog post? This is stuff you want to have figured out before hitting the “publish” button and sending that post live.

What should social marketers know about the new LinkedIn Today interface?

By |October 31st, 2012|

LinkedIn has made a number of improvements since going public back in May of 2011. Most of the changes have focused on making the professional social networking site more functional and easier to use. The introduction of LinkedIn Today was a part of that vision. Similar to Google Reader, LinkedIn Today takes trending news and articles from a variety of sources and centralizes them so users can find them all in one place. The feature recently got an upgrade that brings streamlined simplicity to the navigation process, while giving the layout a look and feel that mimics some of the more popular magazine apps. In this article, we will explain what social marketers need to know about the new and improved LinkedIn Today interface.

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