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Benjamin Cohen
Benjamin CohenExecutive Director
Ben received his BA in Politics and Society from the University of New Hampshire in the fall of 2010. While attending school, he served as a writing tutor for the university. This experience has developed a deep appreciation for the role that education must play in each individual’s life. This passion motivates him to create as many opportunities for those underserved to receive the fair treatment that they deserve. He sees as an outlet to realize this goal in working with the numerous non-profits connected to the site, so that they may better serve their communities.
Kris Lopez
Kris LopezDirector of Business Development
Kris started her career in the non-profit arena and has always had a passion for helping. She has never met a cause she didn’t like, and is excited to be able to assist a broad range of organizations in achieving success through Grassroots. Kris’s background is in marketing and business development, with a focus on customer experience and relationships, which she plans to translate into a growing member base, stronger partnerships, and an overall more fulfilling experience for all of our membership and donors.
Val Caro
Val CaroWeb Development Manager
Computer networking and web development are the things Val’s liked the most. Doing his best to be part of the grassroots’ family, where he can apply his knowledge and will be able to learn new things to improve his skills. A well-organized person and a good team player who is willing to be train and to accept challenging projects. He’s a web developer having 3+ years of experience in developing web applications using open source languages like PHP, MySQL, Joomla, WordPress, Jquery and other API integrations. Also used MVC architecture PHP framework like (CodeIgniter and Cake). Sometimes, doing awesome things are his passion! =) –
Marmel Reposar
Marmel ReposarVolunteer Membership Support
Marmel is no stranger when it comes to volunteer work and working with non-profits. She has been a service volunteer for numerous non-profit organizations since 1997 and has no plans of stopping just yet. Using her Business Computer Applications background and her 10 years of working experience in HR, Training and Development, and Corporate Management, Marmel has made it her personal goal to help change the world–one charity at a time.
Loyd Maypa
Loyd MaypaSocial Media and Marketing
Prior to joining, Lloyd was a Business Development and Operations Manager for a BPO firm. Now that he is with, he applies his skills in business development and online marketing to enhance the organization’s structure and branding. He focuses on leveraging social media to increase awareness and create a healthy community of nonprofit leaders and members. When he is not working, he spends time with his family and practices Muay Thai.
Zuphel Baguio
Zuphel BaguioWeb Developer
A tireless seeker of knowledge, a coach and have been designing websites professionally for over four years. My bread and butter is working with PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, CMS, SEO and Graphics related tasks but as an open minded person, I constantly update myself with the latest trends and innovative tools available in the market these days. To be a developer of and other sister nonprofit websites really means a lot for me not just a developer but considered it as a family.
Kristoff Ampong
Kristoff AmpongWeb Developer
A hardworking and responsible person eager to learn new skills and meet new challenges. Kris’ goal is to help by using his skills in Web Development which includes PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, WordPress, jQuery and PHP Frameworks CodeIgniter and CakePHP. He is willing to do tasks that are new to him and takes it as a challenge and as a learning process to enrich his knowledge. Outside work, Kris enjoys extra curricular activities such as basketball, biking, muay thai, boxing and more.